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Our Honey


RAW Honey

100% raw, natural, Alberta honey. From the Eastern Slopes of the Canadian Rockies. Our hives are located near pasture land and open meadows, away from the big farmland and mega crops of the prairies. Uncapped, spun in small batches, filtered and bottled by hand. No pasteurizing, additives or filler. Raw and straight to you.

Available in: 250ml, 375ml, 750ml, 6LB


Available at the farm or through one of our community partners.


Who We Are


Our Story

In 2015 Bob Robertson purchased his first hives, looking to add another dimension to his hobby farming operation. The first year brought success and Bob got the bug for bees. Over the course of the seasons since, the number of hives has increased and a small honey house for the extraction of honey has been added. Along the way Paul Hoff has come on board, first with his own hives and now with shared hives in the operation.